The Power of The Dark Side

Went down to Upper Matlock with the Hamers today, with the aim of climbing the 3 star, and awesome looking arete of The Power of the Dark Side, first put up by a young James Pearson. 

Two clean top ropes later I was feeling confident. I new this was going to be a big leap for me, so I was apprehensive. Sam went first and cooly dispatched the route. This helped to settle my nerves, and I knew that like Sam I just had to climb it like I was on top rope, and then it would all be fine. These big grades need to be pushed to the back of the mind, and you just need to focus on the climbing. Everything seems less daunting then.

Before I knew it I was standing at the top, after climbing it all like planned. A great piece of rock, with balancey moves on sharp edges, confidence being your friend as you snatch rightwards towards the sharp arete on the mental crux.

A very satisfying process.

Sam on Power of the Darkside © Oli Grounsell

Sam on Power of the Darkside © Oli Grounsell



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