Surviving Winter

Fish Pie  © Kieran King

Fish Pie © Kieran King

Since getting back from a week of sun in Siurana at the start of January, winter was terrible. I did have visions of it being worse, but only ever so slightly.

However, the weather finally seems to be changing for the better. In the last few weeks temperatures have begun to rise again and honestly good days out have been had. For the first time in months I have been able to wake up in my halls, see blue skies and genuinely want to get out of bed and go climbing.

Easing into spring has reminded me how diverse the climbing is around here. In just the past few weeks I’ve had some loose-ish fun down the Lleyn, sampled more of the class bouldering that North Wales has to offer, and got back into sport climbing mode with a few projects already sussed and waiting to be climbed. Loose-ish fun down at Doris particularly stood out as a great day, and marked a turning point in the weather. It was warm, the sun was out and we could lounge around in our tees. The climbing was just as good as the spectating with Tonight at Noon completely living up to my expectations.

Yes summer, yes.

Rob fighting the pump on Tonight at Noon © Oli Grounsell

Rob fighting the pump on Tonight at Noon © Oli Grounsell


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